Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jordan's JACKHOLES - Episode 1

It's a moral imperative that I do this...."Jordan's Jackholes".
There is soooo much Good/Bad viral video on the web that I'm afraid you're missing some of the Best/Worst of it. And I can't sleep knowing that.
Plus, let's be honest, what else are you going to do at work... work?
I need to devote at least one weekly blog segment to people attempting impossible stunts, getting caught in salaciously stupid acts, dumb criminals (as if are there any other kind), animals attacking, drunk celebs (or celebs attacking drunk animals) and radio D.J.s doing idiotic things with "Sham Wows".
In general... moronic activities that show no bias toward church, creed or political affiliation... but are simply placed on the world-wide inter-web for us to enjoy from a nice, safe distance.
Let's begin down under, in Australia, where we see a news report on two criminals attempting (poorly) to escape - after being handcuffed AND pepper-sprayed- and being caught(not by the long arm of the law) but the tall, static presence of.... a light pole. Enjoy.

Until Next Time... Do Not Attempt At Home - go to your neighbors.

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