Tuesday, February 17, 2009

John + Nitro Circus = LOVE!!!!

There's been a noticeable hole in my heart where one of my ALL TIME, DESERT ISLAND, TOP FIVE, TV shows used to nest - that show is JACKASS. And sure it lives on in DVD, Theatrical Release and on my iPod but, like all love, it needs to have a "freshness" about it to sustain the emotional investment you put into it. I have found something to fill that void.
Every Sunday night @ 9Pm (CST) on MTV - comes a twisted little production from the minds of Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine featuring the X-Treme X-ploits of X-Athlete Travis Pastrana and friends called Nitro Circus.
Whether they are trying to back-flip a motorcycle over a ravine, jump out of a plane without a parachute, or jump a Big Wheel 40-feet into the air into a crowded boat dock, Travis and his gang of nuts are going at it hard, 24/7, and there is no downtime -- it's just fast, faster and disaster. Let me be clear.... It's not Jackass... but like love... close does count for something.
Here's a taste of something called "Slip and Bleed".

Monday, February 16, 2009

Take it Canton-Easy Already!

I love it when I can watch people completely and utterly lose their S#!T from a nice safe distance.
This is one of my favorites of recent memory.
A woman missed her flight at a Hong Kong airport and goes ballistic! And I don't mean the "you got your peanut butter in my chocolate - you got your chocolate in my peanut butter" kind of crazy. I mean the kind of mind-scrambling insanity normally reserved for children being yanked from a ball pit not of their own free will.
All she does is scream, run at a security guard (good strategy), lay on the floor and kick her feet in a tantrum yelling (in Cantonese) "I want to go! I want to go!"
Enjoy the crazy.

The only thing going through my mind watching this was the scene from "Airplane" where the passengers line up with pipes, boxing gloves, baseball bats, etc in order to keep a woman "calm". Why can't life imitate art here?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jordan's Jackholes - Episode II

Let's go across the pond to merry Ol' England where (if possible) they may have more trains rattling through town than Oshkosh -and I know- I lived in Oshkosh for a good part of my life.
When you are forced day after day, week after week, month after excruciating month... to bring your commute to a dead stop for 10 + minutes every day while a train slowly snakes through town - you do have those "I'd like to run through these barriers so I don't have to sit here" thoughts.
But only a true Jackhole would DO IT!
Enjoy the stupidity mate.

Publx Diplay of Inflation

An, obviously, lonely guy (see right) was having a... uh... ummm... well here's the headline.
Click and Enjoy.
Floridian nabbed for public ménage a trois with plastic partners.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Florida Freak File - THE MOVIE!!!

Today's Edition of the "Florida Freak File" takes us to Orlando where we have video
from news station WFTV of a motorist being taken down on I-4.
He was pulled over for following (a trooper nonetheless) too close, speeding (72 in a 65) and refusing to give license, insurance and registration.
One word buddy... comply.
Copy... Paste and Enjoy the freak show.


If you need further help (and God help you if you do) here you go.
*WARNING* contains some "flowery" language.